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Welcome to NamdhariSikhs.org. This website is currently under construction.

We hope to bring you comprehensive information about Namdhari Sikh history, maryada (or disciplines) and much more. Please keep checking back with us regularly, to see the current updates to the site (see right).

Much of the information has been compiled from the book 'The Namdhari Sikhs' by (Late) Mrs Beant Kaur, 2nd Edition S. Sant Singh. Our gratitute to them. Thank you.


Sikhism at a glance

The holy scriptures throw light on the fact that whenever there is lawlessness, anarchy, chaos in the world; the saints and the pious dignitaries are tortured, oppressed by the selfish devils', their agony, their lamentation become inaudible; there is wickedness, deception prevalent everywhere; cruelty, brutality, atrocity, treachery rule the world; sin, evil forces, demoralization, get the upper hand in the society; people develop hatred for God and become atheist; religion flees away bidding farewell to truthfulness, righteousness; the Primeval Lord appears in person for the establishment of righteousness, truthfulness, protection of the pious and noble saints.

The Primeval Lord incarnated as Satguru Nanak Dev Ji in Kalyug . He made it very clear that he would live all through Kalyug under one name or an other. Hence the Sikhs firmly believe that the Guru had existed in the past, exists now and will continue to exist in the years to come. Each Guru had certain specific religious, social and cultural tasks to perform. Steady progress continued to be made during the period of each Guru as the successive Guru endeavored to complete the unfinished works of the predecessor. Apart from this, each Guru introduced new practices and reforms from time to time, as required for the benefit and upliftment of the people. In Satyug , He as a dwarf deceived Bali; in Tretayug as Ram Chander Ji, He put an end to the evil designs and devilish acts of Ravana; in Dwapayug as Lord Krishna, He smashed the devil Kansa and a number of other giants to bring relief to the people; as Satguru Nanak Dev Ji in Kalyug, He enlightened the brains of those, who were groping in darkness; He dispelled the gloom and frustration of the world, and brought solace to the suffering humanity.

Satguru Gobind Singh Ji, the tenth successor of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, had a specific task to perform, i.e. to flourish the religion, uplift the sages and uproot the wicked. He accomplished His task by creating the Khalsa who were fully armoured, trained and capable of protecting the poor and punishing the wicked. Satguru Ram Singh Ji, the twelfth successor of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, laid great stress on the moral, social, religious development of the Sikhs. He made definite plans to uproot the evil designs of the British. He laid the foundation stone of the freedom struggle to get India emancipated from the yoke of slavery.

To achieve independence, innumerable freedom fighters comprising of men, women and children sacrificed their lives. The Namdhari Sikhs in Panjab under the banner of Satguru Ram Singh Ji were the first ones to offer their lives, for this noble cause. Some of them were hanged to death, while others were blown to pieces by the cannons; many of them were tortured and drowned into the sea, while others were deported to Andaman and Nicobar Island for life imprisonment. The number of such martyrs is countless. It is due to the sacrifices of martyrs that every Indian is enjoying the bliss of freedom and breathing freely, he can do what ever he likes; he can go where ever he wants to go as all the bondages of slavery have been shattered. He is no more a slave; he no longer lives at the mercy of others. The tree of freedom has been flourishing since independence in 1947. Its gigantic size is now capable of providing solace and comfort to all the countrymen.

The martyrs could succeed in their objectives and lay down their lives smilingly only due to the spiritual and moral training imparted to them by Satguru Ram Singh Ji. After 158 years of Satguru Gobind Singh Ji's creation of Khalsa Panth, Satguru Ram Singh Ji prepared the Amrit , - the holy nectar, on the Baisakhi day, i.e., 12th of April, 1857, to revive the Sikh Faith, and the Khalsa Panth. He infused in them, a new spirit of bravery, fearlessness, courage and enthusiasm. This enabled the Namdhari Sikhs to bear severe hardships, overpower obstacles and face the atrocities of the British Government in India.



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